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Selection of Refugees

Image by Joshua Woroniecki

Isn't it wrong to focus on sponsoring persecuted Christian refugees?

We want to be clear. Remember Ministries supports the sponsorship of ALL refugees, whether they are persecuted Christians or not.  We uphold the dignity and inestimable worth of all people. Where we are able, we sponsor and support the sponsorships of all refugees fleeing for all sorts of reasons and of all religions and beliefs.

However, the persecution of Christians is a harsh reality around the world. The 2024 World Watch List, put out by Open Doors, states that 365 million Christians are currently experiencing very high or extreme persecution because of their faith. And that persecution is increasing every year. It is necessary for churches to respond to this crisis in a comprehensive way, sending aid to those who are persecuted, speaking out on issues of religious freedom for all, and caring for those who have been forced to leave their homelands and are now vulnerable as refugees.

God tells us that we must do good to all people. In addition, there is a particular obligation upon each of us to care for our own family. This same principle applies to our spiritual family. As followers of Jesus, the Church forms the body of Christ all over the world. We are connected to one another and are to remember and care for one another.


While we help others as we are able, we prioritize the use of our resources for those who have suffered for their beliefs. By doing this, we are working to strengthen the unity of the Church and express our love for the Body of Christ.

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