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Ali on 100 Huntley Street

Dear Friends,

We have a gift for you!

It is not often that we can share with you video testimony from one of our refugee friends, as their stories are dangerous and traumatic to share. But Ali and his family agreed to share their story, to help others and give glory to God. The interview with Greg Musselman aired on 100 Huntley St December 13.

Watch the video here:

I love Ali's words about the sponsorship, as it sums up what we believe our ministry is all about: "I see that church sponsorship confirms that we are all one Body, because when one part of the Body of hurts, all the Body feels it....And that’s the real church.”

That is the truth. As Christians, when one of us suffers, we all suffer. We just need to see each other first.

May God strengthen and encourage the Church. May He increase our love for one another and show us how to help those in desperate need, no matter where they are in this world.

May we be One as the Father is in the Son and the Son is in the Father. May we be in Him. (John 17:21)

Ali and Greg preparing for their interview

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